Scoop is a simple and flexible app installer and manager for Windows. In most cases, it installs apps in an isolated, “portable” way, without requiring admin access.

Scoop has multiple official repositories (or “buckets”):


Under Source in the sidebar, select Scoop.




  1. Open Windows PowerShell. Search the Start menu for “powershell”.
  2. Copy the first official install command from the Scoop website under Quickstart.
  3. Paste into your PowerShell window, then press Enter.
  4. If necessary, confirm the execution policy change. Press Y, then Enter.
  5. Copy the second official install command. It’s from the website above, under Quickstart.
  6. Paste the command into your PowerShell window, then press Enter.
  7. Wait for Scoop to download and install.
  8. Add the default catalog sources for apps you will likely want:
    1. Copy these commands:
      scoop bucket add main
      scoop bucket add extras
      Feel free to add other buckets too, at your own discretion.
    2. Paste into your PowerShell window, then press Enter.
    3. Wait for the process to complete.

Add to Overt

  1. If you are not in setup mode, go to Settings → Advanced → Set Up Package Managers.
  2. Click Find next to Scoop.
  3. Click Finish to leave setup mode.