Homebrew is a very popular package manager for macOS. (Also Linux, though less popular there).

Homebrew provides two types of packages:

  1. “Casks”, which are macOS apps and other prepackaged software

    • There are 3,000+ casks in the default repository, homebrew/cask .
    • Under Source in the sidebar, select Brew – Apps.

  2. “Formulae”, which are open-source command line tools and libraries (compiled by Homebrew)

    • There are 6,000+ formulae in the default repository, homebrew/core .
    • Under Source in the sidebar, select Brew – Tools & Libraries.

Install Homebrew



  1. Copy this official install command . Click the small clipboard emoji on the right.
  2. Open Terminal. Type “terminal” in Spotlight search and press Return/Enter.
  3. Paste the command, then press Return.
  4. Type your computer password, then press Return. Nothing will show as you type; this is expected.
  5. When asked if you want to continue, press Return.
  6. Wait for Homebrew to download and install.
  7. Add the default catalog source for macOS GUI apps:
    1. Copy this command:
      brew tap homebrew/cask
    2. Paste into Terminal, then press Return.
    3. Wait for the process to complete.

Add to Overt

  1. If you are not in setup mode, go to Settings → Advanced → Set Up Package Managers.
  2. Click Find next to Homebrew.
  3. Click Finish to leave setup mode.